Amid the doubt, fear and confusion caused by covid19 in the world today, there are group of people who cling to hope, peace and even joy - I know because I met with them online a few hours ago. There were smiles all around.


Are they crazy? Stupid? Insensitive? In denial?

I don't think so. They're all aware of the turmoil and potential troubles they face. They just believe in something. Jesus, specificially.

"So... stupid", you say.

Well, I don't know. Everyone has to decide for themselves if Jesus is for real, but I think there's good case to be made that He is. It's worthy thinking about, at least. Maybe you could find that hope in the world today, too?

Easter is approaching. The focal point of the hope believers in Jesus profess. What did that day look like - when they crucified Him?

This talk is an imagining of that day from the viewpoint of a Roman Centurion and the conclusions that he might have come to.