What to expect at our meetings
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We have a casual atmosphere at our meetings. People like to visit in the meeting place before we start with singing some songs. We usually start late because of that, but we're here to have relationships.

We take our time in worship and praise - music is a passion for most of us. Our praise time might flow into a time of prayer. There might be some time for people to just share what is on their heart today. I don't follow a set order every week.

After singing for a bit I'll share a talk about something relating to God and the Bible and try to apply that to our lives. That might lead in to a time of sharing and praying together.

People generally hang around for a while after that to visit some more.

We don't have any children's church at the moment.

All my talks are posted on facebook and youtube.

Call or text me at 780.982.4991 or email fspa@fortpentecostal.ca to get any additional info.

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