Today was Messy Church!

Once a month we meet in the lower fellowship hall and have a fun lesson that usually involves a skit and object lesson of some sort that all ages can enjoy. Then we have potluck!

The next few lessons are going to be on art and creativty. What can we learn about God and ourselves through art?

Today we talked about creation and modelling clay. God made everything and said it was good. Then he made people and said this is really good. We can take a couple of encouraging thoughts from this.

1. God made us. We have purpose, and we are loved. We are not alone. We have a Father.

2. God is not only really creative, but He is really powerful. He can help us with our many problems in ways that we haven't even thought of. He has the ideas, and He has the ability to make them happen.

Ask God for help. He loves you and He has the power and the intellect to make it work.

Here's a little skit that went along with the lesson.