Well, we can't upload videos of worship using other people's songs. so I figured I would take this opportunity (no hockey, no basketball - I am getting really tired of home reno shows - yes, I'm looking at you Dani - haha) to work on some songs that I've written. Polish them up a little bit and release them to the wild.

Be free little song!

Maybe someone will enjoy it?

The hard part is to stop trying to polish it and make it better and just put it out there.

Anyway, this is a just a rough demo of a song I wrote. I don't know when I wrote it. I just found it in a pile of sheets one day with some words and chords. I'm not sure if this how it went orginally, but this is how it goes now. It became my "bucket list of exactly one thing to do before I'm 50" project. I did finish before I was 50 but I didn't really post it anywhere.

I used my acoustic bass and there's some weird popping here and there - I'm not a sound engineer. Everything else was done in Cakewalk and with my Yamaha mox6. Bailey helps out with some vocals.

But anyway, here it is!