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How many times has the following situation happened in a movie you saw or a story you read… The heroes are trapped. The monsters, the bad guys, the dinosaurs are closing in on them. There’s no escape. There’s no way out. Our heroes are going to die.

Then, all of the sudden, out of nowhere, someone comes to the rescue! Maybe it’s the police, who finally arrived to help. Maybe it’s the army. Maybe it’s a friend who had run away and suddenly found their courage to come back and help. Maybe it’s raptors deciding to fight the T-rex, or maybe it’s the raptors riding the T-rex while they are fighting the Indominus rex. One way or another, a miracle happens, and our heroes are on their way to a happy ending.

Some people don’t like those kinds of endings. They don’t like that the happy ending comes out of nowhere. They feel like it isn’t realistic – and honestly they have a point. But I don’t watch a movie for reality. I want a miraculous ending. I want the hero to overcome impossible odds. I want the Calvary to come riding in and save the day. It gives me a lift. There’s a sense of hope that no matter how dark it gets, somehow they’re going to make it; somehow I’M going to make it. Sometimes we all need a miracle. Sometimes we’ve exhausted ourselves and run out of ideas. We can’t save ourselves. We need a hand. We need someone to save us.

Just like when God parted the Red Sea

EXODUS 13:17-14:31

God is full of surprises and often comes through in ways we do not expect.

The story of the Red Sea is one we all need to revisit from time to time, not just because it’s the story of a great miracle, but because it’s a story about keeping our faith in hard times. The children of Israel had just been freed from slavery, they thought they were on their way to the land of promise, but then they were trapped between a rock and a hard place, wondering where God was.

God never left them, not even for a moment.

Sometimes, like the heroes in a scary story, we are trapped with no place to go. That’s when God comes to the rescue. That’s when he parts the Red Sea, or sends a great fish, or shuts the mouth of lions, or walks with us in the middle of the fire. There’s nothing God can’t come in and save us from. Whatever hardship you’re going through, have faith. Give it to Jesus, and ask him to save you. You may be surprised at what God does next.