Allan Swan
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Today our Messy Church lesson was on collages, and how the church is a collection of diverse parts that makes up a wonderful picture. That picture should be the likeness of Christ.

I took the analogy a little further and said the church is like pizza. There are all kinds of pizza toppings and flavors, but it's still pizza; and I always like it. There are all kinds of ways to be the church, but it's still the church and we're still trying to be the image of Jesus in our world. Every church has different ingredients (people with various gifts, talents and personalities) and we should try and figure out what our pizza (church) tastes like (what our unique ministry is). Our cities don't need a bunch of pepperoni pizza churches, they need as many various kinds of pizza that we can make. As long as it's still pizza - a Christlike image in our community.

How's that for mixing metaphors!

Here's a little skit that went with the lesson.